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We often get calls and emails from individuals or their families about the Home and Community-based Services program. It is important that you educate yourself about the HCS services and supports available to you or your loved one. While every provider is required to offer all HCS services, how each program provides the actual service may differ. To help you learn more about our program's approach, please read our responses to Frequently Asked Questions.


If you need more direction or do not see your question listed, feel free to give us a call for assistance.  


How does CyAnn Center differ from other providers?

Advocacy, advocacy, advocacy! Our entire team works with schools, behavior specialists and other community members to ensure that individuals have all the supports they need to live their best life. If a family is dissatisfied with the psychologist, we will find another one until the family is satisfied with the outcome for their loved one. When we recognize a change in someone's health status, our nurse is proactive in securing the necessary medical attention. We work with our local school districts to ensure that they meet a student's needs in a Special Education setting with the right supports. We encourage our families to do the same.

Besides your contract with the state, what other qualifications and experience does your Administrative team have in this field?

Our diverse team of professionals is comprised of former Health and Human Services employees with over 30 years combined experience working with both children and adults with special needs. Our Registered Nurse previously worked with an area Local Authority where she provided nursing services and supports for over 150 persons with IDD. The Quality Assurance Manager earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Criminal Justice and has worked in Social Services for over 17 years. Specifically, she has previously worked as a Service Coordinator, State Investigator and State Inspector with Adult Protective Services and Child Care Licensing, respectively. She also worked as a county guardian and METROLift, a public shared-ride program for disabled individuals in Houston, TX. Our Regional Director has over 16 years of experience working for CPS and a Local Authority as both a Service Coordinator and a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) under the direct supervision of a Licensed Psychiatrist. He earned his MBA from Texas Woman's University and also completed international business studies in Spain and Turkey. Everyone on our Administrative team has a vested interest in serving persons with IDD. 


What is your program's staff selection process and what training do they receive? 

While some of our staff have worked with persons served for over 15 years, we have guidelines in place that require all applicants to have a minimum of one (1) year experience working in this field. In addition to their work experience, our staff are also required to maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification as well as SAMA training. Employees also receive a comprehensive, state-mandated training on Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation. As of 2019, the abuse training is fully online and verified through an HHSC web portal. At the time of hire and throughout their employment, staff are also in-serviced on Special Needs, Medication Administration and Side Effects, nurse delegation, and other direct care topics relevant to the individuals served. All employees are required to undergo an intense criminal history background check including both State and Federal checks for Medicaid Fraud. In addition to training from our Residential Coordinators, each group home has a tenured staff. Tenured staff have additional training and experience that they are able to share with the newly hired Direct Support Professionals. This is a great way for new staff to receive on-the-job training and mentoring for the first few months after hire. 

Do you have staff who speak other languages? 

Yes. Outside of English, we have some employees who are bilingual in Spanish, Igbo, and French.

What are your staff to consumer ratios?

Our staff to client ratio is 1:3. However, some individuals may have 1:1 supervision and care depending on their specific Level of Need.

What type of leisure / recreational activities will be available?

It varies. Our individuals participate in Special Olympics, the Houston Livestock and Rodeo, bowling, movies, indoor trampoline parks, local parks, shopping, neighborhood walks, gardening, music time and more!

Describe ways in which your program involves the individual, guardian, and family into the development of the individual's services.

Families may call, visit the home or even pick up their loved one for dinner, home visits and short term vacations. Our Care Coordinator also routinely communicates with individuals and their families. Individuals and their families or guardian are asked questions about care and services as well as constructive input that they believe will make them more successful in the program. With proactive steps, our team ensures that plans are established before concerns arise. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and their families.


Now that I know more about your program, how do I enroll or transfer my services?

Wonderful! We will be happy to have you. If you are with another HCS provider and want to transfer your services, simply notify your Service Coordinator of your desire to transfer to CyAnn Center. If you are new to HCS all together, the process is similar. Just call your SC and let them know that you have located CyAnn Center as your provider of choice. In either case, the SC will work with you to set a date for the enrollment or transfer meeting. If you need help locating your SC, you may call our office at 281-824-4975 for assistance.

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