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We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our broad team of Direct Support Professionals and Host Home Providers for the HCS program. CyAnn Center offers its employees a sense of community and strives to provide the best possible services to persons served in the program.

Caring for people with developmental disabilities and other special needs can be a challenging yet rewarding career. Direct Support Professionals, Host Home Providers and nurses must have a lot of patience, quick decision-making skills, and consistency with their job performance. Employees have to be flexible and creative in their approach to providing services and care to people with special needs. It truly takes a village to help people with developmental disabilities reach their full potential.


We offer flexible schedules, competitive salaries, and more. Below are some positions that we accept applications for on a routine basis. 

For internship or volunteer opportunities, call our office directly for assistance.

Direct Support Professionals


Direct Support Professionals (DSP) play an integral role in the success of our program. DSP are responsible for assisting individuals with cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry, and other self-help and daily living tasks. DSP also administer medications, intervene with behavioral issues, and transport individuals to appointments. Sometimes DSP may be the only friend or family that the resident relates or responds to. Other times, DSP could be helping someone bowl or simply tying their shoe lace. No matter how small or big the task, a DSP's work is valuable. Although these interactions are not inclusive of every possible scenario, they serve as a good example of what DSP do for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Host Home Providers


CyAnn Center is always seeking motivated and enthusiastic individuals and families to host children and adults in their home who have intellectual disabilities and related conditions. As a Host Home/Companion Care Provider, you will help individuals to develop their full potential by providing them with a nurturing environment, promoting self-awareness and independence, encouraging creativity, and cultivating a life full of unconditional love, endless hope, and full-circle connectedness. There are many children, and adults alike, that long for a warm, safe place to call home with a family that will host them with care and support. You can make a difference!

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Registered Nurses


Aside from Case Management and Direct Support Professionals, our Nursing department is one of the most important components in the HCS program. Nursing professionals complete annual Comprehensive Nursing Assessments as well as quarterly reviews. Nurses help to establish how many units of service are needed to manage an individuals health needs throughout the year. In addition to assessments, reviews, and implementation plans, our nurses facilitate delegations, schedule appointments, respond to incidents, conduct staff trainings, provide medication oversight, and a host of other tasks. Quick and accurate judgment calls are extremely important in this role as many individuals are not always able to communicate their pain or other medical issues.

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