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About Us


Our mission is to provide quality services and supports to children and adults receiving Home and Community based Services and related care.


We have respect for all individuals and families.

We empower families to make changes to help support their loved ones.

We advocate for improved services, supports and treatment.

We are about community, care and compassion delivered with every contact.


The Ford family co-founded CyAnn Center LLC in 2010. Pronounced [sci-ann], it is named after Mrs. Ford's late mother, Cynthia Ann. She was a Texas native who dedicated over 20 years of her life to nursing care for the disabled and elderly. Cynthia Ann was passionate about patient care. She often baked cakes and other sweet treats as a way to show her love for the community she worked with. Cynthia Ann treated the residents like her family. She prided herself on making sure the residents on her unit were well-groomed and dressed. Cynthia Ann made birthdays and holidays extra special for the residents. She cared deeply about her mission and believed it was her calling.


Sadly, Cynthia Ann passed away in 2004 following a brief battle with breast cancer. It was such a heartbreaking experience for her entire family. After completing her Master's degree, Mrs. Ford wanted to honor her late mother by continuing her legacy. Thus, CyAnn Center was established. Since then, CyAnn Center has grown to support countless children and adults over the years, and continues to grow!

"Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes"

-Tori Amos

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