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About CyAnn Center, LLC


Are you ready to enroll with a provider that will manage your Home and Community-based Services (HCS) with professionalism and advocate on your behalf? CyAnn Center, LLC is the cornerstone for providing person-centered, accessible HCS to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


People want honest, committed HCS providers to assist them with their needs. With nearly 20 years shared in the field, our team is dedicated to providing you with routine Nursing services, access to Day Habilitation programs, Behavioral Support Services, Employment Assistance, and other services. With approved Adaptive Aids, you may also be eligible for financial assistance with hearing aids, eyeglasses or even nutritional supplements. What about a wheelchair-accessible ramp or roll-in shower to help with your mobility? If you currently reside in your own family home, you may qualify to receive assistance with Minor Home Modifications to help you live as independently as possible. Have you reached age 21 and need dental services that are no longer covered through your Medicaid benefits? Under our program, you may meet the requirements to receive up to $2,000 annually to pay for your dental expenses.


Unlike other programs, CyAnn Center, LLC works with both children and adults including our senior community. Parents can rest assured in knowing that our Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professionals (QDDPs) do much of the ground work for their children by:


  • participating in Annual ARD meetings;

  • advocating for improved services and equality;

  • coordinating specialized therapies;

  • arranging kid-friendly summer activities;

  • and much more!


Our suitable Supported Home Living (SHL) option is great for families with children under age 18 or adults living on their own. With this choice, individuals with IDD will benefit from having a trained staff to come into their home for a few hours each day to help care for them. The staff can be a relative, church member, family friend, or other person. Our Human Resources team will do all of the pre-hire screening for you at no charge.


Here at CyAnn Center, LLC, we know that children with IDD will grow up and continue to need supports. Some will continue with SHL as they enter adulthood. But for families that have adults transitioning into group home settings, we provide safe and well-supervised residential group home services. We understand that individuals with IDD value their independence, and we support it. Our highly trained group home staff provide opportunities for individuals to do as much as possible with guidance and assistance. Staff prepare nutritious meals and integrate them in the community for outings to the movies, bowling, and dining at local restaurants. Our staff also assist individuals with other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing, cleaning, laundry and medication supervision. With the ease and comfort of living in a group home, individuals will go to all their scheduled medical and psychiatric appointments on time. In many cases, their medications are delivered right to their front door.


With CyAnn Center, LLC the possibilities are endless!