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CyAnn Center, LLC



CyAnn Center, LLC offers the following services to individuals with developmental disabilities and other special needs:


  • Nursing Care

  • Group homes

  • Host Home/Companion Care

  • Supported Employment

  • Behavioral Support Services

  • And many other services See More >>


Take advantage of a wide range of additional services and assistance including:


  • Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals

  • Qualified Mental Health Professionals

  • Representative Payee Administrators

  • Transportation services

  • Monthly community outings

  • And many other options



“My son was only 9 years old when my husband and I chose to transition him into a group home. He has Autism. I struggled to get him to talk and potty train. After only a few months of help from CyAnn Center, my son started using his words more and self-toileting with minimal prompting. He learned how to sort his laundry and use communication devices to express himself. This team ROCKS, and they are the only provider I will ever trust.”


Martha H.


“What I like about all the staff is that they take the time to answer questions. There is never a time that I have ended a call feeling unsure about something; that is what I call excellent customer service!


Ms. Lawson

“I am 35 years old. Mrs. Ford helped me get a job. I have been working for 2 years. She also helps me when I need to talk to the Social Security Administration. I like that she makes me laugh with her jokes. CyAnn Center is good to me.




“I have cared for my nephew since he was an infant. I have been with many HCS providers but CyAnn Center has been the best. Their Nursing Department arranges all of my nephew's appointments and helped him qualify for Adaptive Aids so that I no longer have to pay for his Glucerna. They also went beyond their call of duty to help us find housing when we needed a place to live. I support them 100%.”


Sandy J.

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